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                1. 照相機三腳架

                      Ningbo Jie Yang Film & TV Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in production of photographic camera equipment (tripod manufacturers, photography tripod, camera tripod). The company is located in the famous port city of Ningbo, adjacent to Shanghai and Hangzhou. Ningbo convenient transportation facilities, is one of the most important foreign trade port Chinese. Company Yishanbangshui, beautiful scenery, elegant environment, convenient transportation, adjacent to Shenhai Expressway and 104 National Road, from the Haibei Ning highway toll station only 10 km away, and from the Beilun port, Ningbo Airport is only an hour away. Ningbo Audio Supplies Company Limited founded in 2010, set research and development, production and sales, the company's existing fixed assets about 20000000 yuan, 5000 square meters of modern standard factory. Enterprise strong technical force, has a professional production technology backbone 180 people, and is equipped with advanced production and processing equipment and precision testing equipment is a home to radio, movies, and television equipment (professional photography camera tripod, DV camera, rocker arm, film annex) enterprise...

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